With relentless determination and a willingness to succeed, ARTIE has the potential to be an Academy that is seen in all corners of Queensland.

We envisage Indigenous students progressing through primary and secondary school with the motivation and support to finish school and graduating with results no different to their non-Indigenous peers.

“Our ARTIE Alumni are our true champions. Let’s reinvest them into our activities, to promote the importance of finishing school.”

Lets inspire and support our students and their parents by establishing high and unwavering expectations in attendance. Lets provide them with as many tutors from the ARTIE Academy Tutoring Program, so that they have the confidence to read and write at the same level as their non-Indigenous peers.  Lets continue the trend and provide our students with a program that’s positive, consistent and increasingly driven by every student.

Our Challenges use powerful symbols and activities to demonstrate that great things can be achieved through leadership, hard work and dedication to goals and aspirations.

We want to continue to connect with organisations to make the transition from school to work easier for ARTIE Academy graduates.  By assisting our senior students into work, we make finishing school worth it for our younger students. Our ARTIE Alumni are our true champions and we encourage them to reinvest their time in the ARTIE Academy to promote the importance of finishing school .

Our fundamental purpose is to get students to school so they are provided with the best chance of enjoying success in school and later in life.  There is no doubt that by encouraging school attendance and engagement there will be a strong positive impact on school results for Indigenous students.  This in turn will improve educational attainment and employment prospects for our ARTIE Academy graduates.

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