Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

The Former Origin Greats (FOGS) ARTIE (Achieving Results Through Indigenous Education) Academy assists to ‘Close the Gap’ in educational outcomes between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their non-Indigenous peers.  It provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students attending Queensland Schools the opportunity to participate in a program that encourages and rewards improvements in school attendance, behaviour, academic achievement, effort and ultimately Year 12 attainment or its equivalent.

Founded in 2010 and named in honour of the most significant Former Origin Great, Arthur Beetson OAM, the ARTIE Academy is more than just an education program. It is a living testament to the first Indigenous captain of an Australian sporting team. A man who fought with courage for his people to be acknowledged, respected and valued as first Australians. A man who was resolute in his beliefs about the absolute need for young First Australians to be educated, to finish school and to be employed.

The ARTIE Academy operates with high expectations for effort, behaviour, achievement and commitment. The ARTIE Academy’s fundamental vision is to inspire its participants, encourage and inform students of their progress, and celebrate their successes.  The ARTIE Academy’s priority is to ensure that the program’s integration into the school day is as least disruptive as possible, ensuring the Academy’s methods of communication are clear, effective and wide reaching.

Our fundamental aim is to increase the number of students engaged in the ARTIE Academy by providing incentives and rewards for schooling attendance, effort and behaviour.  As an organisation we have identified and familiarised ourselves with the many barriers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students encounter with regard to employment, education and training.

In collaboration with communities, government agencies and other service providers, we believe the foundations of the program play an integral role in evidential outcomes, through improving the school attendance, engagement and ultimately the schooling completion rates of First Nations youth.

The ARTIE Academy is currently operational in 37 State Primary and Secondary Schools in Queensland. See our schools page for more information.